Yumiko Kayukawa Roq la Rue exhibition “Coming Home”

Everyone over here at 1xRUN is anticipating some great stuff to come out of Yumiko Kayukawa’s most recent exhibition “Coming Home” at Roq la Rue gallery.

Yumiko Kayukawa at Roq la Rue


At the time of writing this, Roq la Rue is making us wait to view the images from the show – grrr – so any of you guys out in Seattle are pretty lucky in our book!


We’re also very excited that the release of our first RUN on canvas is getting closer. Having seen the original artwork in person at 323East gallery for Glenn Barr’s curated “Lyric” show, it was obvious that this is the perfect match for a series of canvas prints. It looks just the same, and being mostly paper-people, we’re pleasantly surprised at the quality. Check out the upcoming Yumiko print on canvas here: