1xRUN x POW!WOW! Featured Artist Smithe


Mexico City artist Smithe is the fastest mural painter alive today! He’s the most focused and confident illustrator, graphic designer ,painter,graffiti artist and part time comedian we’ve ever encountered.  And if all that wasn’t enough he just released his own clothing line, Tony Delfino. An artist attached to a label you’ll never forget if you get to spend more than five minutes getting to know him.

PowWow-Smithe_1 PowWow-Smithe_2

He teamed up with Case Maclaim from Germany and painted one of the biggest crowd pleaser murals this year in Hawaii for POW!WOW! 2015. An unlikely match turned out to be a great collaboration.  Just another beautiful part of the yearly mural festival.

PowWow-Smithe_3 PowWow-Smithe- finals-powwow2015_26


Smithe released his second 1xRUN print with us this go around. Previously he teamed up with us for our PangeaSeed release for SeaWalls 2014. Currently his print “Simeon Tradition” is on sale on our Runs page until next Monday.



Words and photos by Mike Popso