Behind The Scenes Of Jason Freeny’s Latest Dissection Of Mickey Mouse

1xRUN alum Jason Freeny has been slicing and dicing up pop culture icons for years. As he returns to 1xRUN he’s again taken one of the most iconic in Dissected Mickey chopping up the iconic Disney mouse. Born to two hippie parents, Freeny’s influences include pop, modern and surrealist art, as well as a healthy dose of Saturday morning cartoons. Read on as we caught up with the New York-based artist to discuss his latest surgical editions available in two sizes and more…


1x: Tell us a little bit about this piece.
Jason Freeny: This piece was sculpted for my “MOLT” sculpture show at the La Luz De Jesus Gallery which opened February 6th, 2015.


1x: What materials were used to create this piece with?
Jason Freeny: 4.25 x 4.75 x 7.25 inch vinyl toy, epoxy clay and acrylic paint.


1x: When was this piece created and how long did it take to complete?
Jason Freeny: I sculpted this back in 2014 and it took me approximately 5 weeks to complete.


1x: Tell us a bit about your process and how the idea and execution came about for this piece?
Jason Freeny: I sculpt inside store purchased toys, allowing the exterior form to dictate the shapes of the inner skeleton and organs.


1x: What is unique about this piece?
Jason Freeny: This would be my first sculptural print with 1xRUN.

1x: Why do you think people should buy this print?
Jason Freeny: Everyone should know what Mickey is hiding on the inside.


1x: Describe this piece in one gut reaction word.
Jason Freeny: Exposed.


Mickey Dissected by Jason Freeny – Click To Purchase

1x: How has 2016 been treating you? Bring us up to speed on what you’ve been up to this year.
Jason Freeny: I’ve been immersed in directing and designing production toy lines based on my sculptural work. This has opened up a more affordable market for the demand of my designs. I’ve also begun to travel to Asia to promote these production toys. I’ve been working with Singapore based MightyJaxx on some mind blowing projects that I cannot wait to announce. :)

1x: Where else can people find you?
Jason Freeny: WebsiteInstagram @gummifetus – FacebookShopify