Bob Dob Gets Heady

We welcome back Los Angeles artist Bob Dob as he returns in 2017 with his latest edition pulled from his Heads series with “Coke Head” available in standard and hand-embellished editions right here on 1xRUN along with a selection of sketches, studies and original artworks! Be sure to check them out right here. Pulled from a commissioned piece, this image features accents by Dob’s friend and collaborator Greg “Craola” Simkins with scattered graffiti throughout the New York City-influenced backdrop. Read on to see work in progress on the new piece from Bob Dob and much more . . .

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1x: Tell us a little bit about this piece, anything immediate you would like us to highlight about this image?
Bob Dob: It was a commission for a special collector and he loved the “head” paintings I do, so he requested “Coke Head”, “Pot Head”, and “Crack Head”. I had already done a smaller Coke Head painting years back and wanted to try it on a larger scale. The collector was from New York, so I put in a NY-type skyline. The client also collects Greg “Craola” Simkins work, so we thought it would be fun to have him do his magic.

1x: Was this image part of a recent theme, series or show that you had? If so how did it fit into that given grouping?
Dob: I have a long list of “Head” images I still need to do and I revisit some from time to time. I’m going through a drug induced theme of late.


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1x: What materials were used to create this original piece?
Dob: I build up the painting with black and white gesso and then lay thin layers of oil on top.

1x: When was it originally created?
Dob: September 2016 it was completed but it started late 2015 with the drawing.


1x: Tell us how the idea and execution came about for this image?
Dob: I was snorting lines of coke in Vegas one night…just kidding, just say no!!! I just tried to capture the emotion of a paranoid Coke Head, but keeping it humorous. Same as Crack head and Pot Head. All of them have different states of mind.

1x: How long did this piece take from start to finish? What is unique about this piece compared with some of your other work?
Dob: I put about 100 hours into it. The graffiti put in by Craola is unique. It’s only in a few of my pieces.


1x: Why should people buy this one of these prints?
Dob: It’s a great conversation piece and it always get a chuckle from the viewer. It’s there to entertain, not confuse the viewer.

1x: Describe this image in one gut reaction word.
Dob: Fun.


1x: It’s been a little bit since our last release with you, what was 2016 like for you?
Dob: Pretty good, I’m experimenting more with my paintings by simplifying the background. Although this piece has more detail I’ve been doing more characters against a solid background.

1x: Any strides you feel that you made with your work over the last year?
Dob: Yes, I edited down my palette to about 9 colors and it has sped up my process and given all my work more consistency

1x: Have there been any artists new or old that have been inspiring you as of late?
Dob: I always go to Edward Hopper for color. Victor Castillo is always a good gander. And the usual Jeff Soto, who makes me feel I’m not working hard enough.

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1x: What else is on the docket for you in 2017? Any big events coming up in your world that you want to share?
Dob: I’ll be releasing 4 new vinyl toys through 3D Retro which tie into this painting as “Coke Head,” will be one of them along with “Pill Head” “Pot Head” and “Jug Head”, I’ll have a painting in the POW! WOW! Hawai’i at the Honolulu Museum of Art next month, an online exhibition of new work end of Summer and an animation for my Luey character which I should start pitching in the spring.

1x: Anything else you want to touch on that we haven’t talked about?
Dob: Just a thank to you guys for allowing me to be part of your projects.

1xRUN: Where else can people find you?
Bob Dob: WebsiteFacebookInstagram@bobdob – Twitter@bob_dob