David Foox – Trinity Mao

“The three headed Mao represents the mental dictatorship of the different faculties of human perception.

The two third eyes on the left and right represent both the left (logic and reason) and the right (creativity and emotionality) as well as the negative and positive effects of the duality of the pineal gland i.e. the mind’s ability to endow inanimate objects or ideas with spiritual value.

The third and center Mao head represents the objective self and the pineal gland is represented by the tetragrametron which signifies the god consciousness, and the infinite unchanging laws of mathematics, chemistry and physics.

The rabbit represents the animalistic forces of nature that embue the constellations with life, and the pyramid represents the human urge to transform matter into a perfect form.” – David Foox says in describing his latest Trinity Mao print for 1xRUN.com.

Check out more of David’s past work in the immersive photo wall below by clicking the arrows for a full screen view.