Denial Unveils Massive New Body Of Work For Enjoy Denial

We are excited to welcome back Denial for his latest solo exhibition Enjoy Denial!  In this latest exhibition Denial has created over 50 new originals, neon signs and editions for a sensory overload of pop art from button-pushing contemporary artist. Amassing a global following, the Canadian-born street artist challenges society to re-examine the ways in which we perceive a variety of socioeconomic and political issues. Denial has been with 1xRUN from the beginning joining us for way back for RUN 00040! His latest works are massive in scale and continue with taking the negative bombarding of advertising that we face and turn it into a positive. We caught up with him to talk about his exhibition opening tonight at Inner State Gallery, check out the entire exhibition here available on 1xRUN now!

1x: Tell us a little bit about this latest body of work Enjoy Denial, anything immediate you would like us to highlight?
Denial:  I have been making a lot of important changes in my life and wanted that to reflect in the new work. I wanted to reuse and recycle a lot of unique channel lettering and old signage I have been scavenging and also make all the work super clean.


1x: Overall does this body of work have a continuous theme or message?
Denial:  Take negativity and make it positive.

1x: What materials were used to create all these works?
Denial: Being involved in the sign industry for almost 15 years now I have a lot of resources which I chose to employ for this show such as the vast amount of channel lettering I needed, CNC machining and laser cutting.


1x: How long did this exhibition take you from start to finish?
Denial:   I began working on ENJOY DENIAL around 6 months ago.

1x: Tell us a bit about how these ideas and executions came about?
Denial:  I guess it started with the realization of how much time and energy is involved in making channel letters. I have recently been learning to make them from scratch. Seeing this “stored” energy inside each letter I thought it would be great to utilize them in some art works. Also the inherent story behind that an abandoned sign holds, each one tells its own story.


1x: What strides do you feel with this latest body of work?
Denial:   I have tried to do something I have never seen before.

1x: What is unique about this series compared to your previous works?
Denial: These pieces are HUGE.


1x: Why should people buy a piece from this exhibition?
Denial:  I feel like this is a once in a career show simply because of the scale of the work. My studio is pretty close in proximity to the gallery and shipping these pieces overseas or around world would be tough.

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1x: Describe this exhibition in one gut reaction word.
Denial:  BANG!


1x: What are some of your personal favorite pieces in the show and why?
Denial:  I love the DETROIT and USA pieces. Says a lot about me as an artist.


Detroit / USA – Mixed Media Sculptures by Denial – Click To Purchase + Find Out Additional Information

1x: Without giving too much away, what can people expect from this show?
Denial: Come for the art stay for the people.


1x: For those not in the know, this has been an extremely busy year for you, do you want to highlight some of your favorite projects of the year as 2015 wraps up?
Denial:  It has been great, I did a show in Italy and a show in Sydney which were really awesome. Murals In The Market was unreal too!

Denial At Murals In The Market

Denial At Murals In The Market

1x: What else is on the docket for you for 2016?
Denial:  I am doing a show in March at Krause Gallery in Manhattan. I am looking forward to that one!


1xRun: Where else can people find you?
 WebsiteInstagram@denialart – FacebookTwitter