Kevin Lyons’ Baker’s Dozen + Ellen Rutt’s Getting In Shape Open October 21st

Opening Friday, October 21st at Inner State Gallery, artist Kevin Lyons brings his first Detroit solo exhibition Baker’s Dozen to Eastern Market. The New York City-based artist, designer and cultural trendsetter will showcase new handcut wood paintings, works on paper and newly created hand-painted screen print editions featuring his iconic monsters.

Joining Lyons at Inner State will be Detroit artist Ellen Rutt, who exhibits an entirely new collection of mixed media pieces, along with an immersive installation for her solo exhibition Getting In Shape. Both shows are free and open to the public from 7pm – 10pm on Friday October 21st and promise to be one of the most engaging exhibitions in Detroit this fall.


Email or call (313) 744-6505 to join the Advanced Collector’s Preview.

“Detroit is such an amazing, interesting place. When I was developing my show at Inner State I first and foremost wanted to make it a celebration. Bury it below and raise it above the approach of art. Just make stuff that is fun and fun to look at. And that is what I do…that is what my Monsters do. They party, and riot, and rap, and play, and build, and cipher, and slow roll…Baker’s Dozen is all of that wrapped into one show,” Lyons said while working in the gallery’s studio.

Baker’s Dozen comes off the heels of another wildly successful year of Murals In The Market, which found Lyons in town for a new mural, artist talk, print editions and more. Joining Lyons with a solo exhibition of her own is fellow Murals In The Market alumni and Detroit artist Ellen Rutt, who returns with Getting In Shape marking Rutt’s second exhibition in as many years at Inner State Gallery.


Email or call (313) 744-6505 to join the Advanced Collector’s Preview.

With her latest body of work Rutt experiments using play as a method of understanding oneself, to find an opportunity to be immersed in nonsense and walk away with a narrative. Her playful approach to color and shape continues to evolve throughout her latest body of work.

“I’m just always curious about how our minds work, and how we each make sense of the world around us. By creating a life-size stage for a series of interactive installation-based photographs and layered paper works, I am using collage as a vehicle to embrace and explore the theatrics of being human,” Rutt said from her studio in Detroit.


Please join us for our opening artist reception from 7-10pm as we welcome both artists in attendance. This event is free and open to the public.

Email or call (313) 744-6505

to join the Advanced Collector’s Preview.