Mab Graves 1st 3D Lenticular Captures Her Iconic Dolly Collector

We are extremely excited to present Mab Graves FIRST EVER Lenticular edition with Dolly Collector! One of Mab’s most iconic and beloved images Dolly Collector was a labor of love that took her countless hours of meticulous oil painting culled from hundreds of fan photos of their own collections. Read on for a closer look at the lenticular Dolly Collector and be sure to grab yours before they are gone . . .


1x: What materials were used to create this original piece?
Graves: The original piece was created in oils back in 2015. I’m a miniaturist, so working small (normally just a few inches) is how I usually paint, but this piece was a completely new challenge! It has over 250 characters and EACH one is a real toy. I had nearly 40 hours of reference research in this piece before I even picked up a brush! I asked my fans to send me images of their favorite toys, so many of the characters in this piece have their own secret stories behind them.


It’s like we all created this piece together and I adored the richness of all the love and memories each character brought to the piece. The idea for the Dolly Collector was just a completely wild, random inspiration, but after I got about 100 hours of painting in I realized I was in trouble – I had only completed about 2 square inches! I bit off WAY more than I realized in tackling such a complex piece. The final painting took hundreds of hours.

1x: Any upcoming events that you want us to highlight?
Graves: Mercado los Olvidados at PS Kaufman in LA opens September 22-24th.

Boomerang5Dolly Collector by Mab Graves – Click To Purchase

mab-graves-dolly-collector-12.5x10-1xrun-featuredgifDolly Collector by Mab Graves – Click To Purchase

1x: What was the last piece of art that you bought?    
Graves: A Shawn Huckins <3.

1x: Any big shows or events coming up that you’d like to share?    
Graves: My next solo “the Children of the Nephilim” opens November 4th at Monster Gallery

1xRUN: Where else can people find you?    
Mab Graves:  WebsiteInstagram @mabgraves  – Facebook @mab.graves