Niark1 – A Quick Tour of Works

We only have 1-day left for Niark1’s  “Exorbitus” which ends 11/17/2011, so if you haven’t yet, please check it out and snag one.

Despite being French, Niark1 is a bad bad man when it comes to putting out engaging pieces of art. He has been featured in countless international art mags including Graffiti Art Magazine and Joia Magazine. He’s had shows all over the world from France to Denmark, Berlin, Australia and the UK and we’ve even featured one of his prints here on 1xRUN before. To see more of Niark1’s distinct style check out the huge array of works from Niark1 on the photo wall below.

Again check out “Exorbitus” from Niark1 here on 1xRUN and more from Niark1 on his website.