TOTT Global, Overthrow, 1xRUN + L’Amour Supreme Team Up For Basel Castle Official Print

TOTT Global + 1xRUN + The Overthrow = L’Amour Supreme’s Basel Castle 2012 Official Art Print

1xRun: Tell us a little bit about this piece that you used for the Basel Castle 2012 Official Print?
L’Amour Supreme: It was a black and white brush drawing that I did with a sumi brush, I just inked it, then drew it out and colored in in with Photoshop. For all my colors I try to get them as fluorescent as possible and go from there.

1xRun: The past few years Basel Castle has really been growing, how do you think that this print conveys some of the energy of this event?
L’Amour Supreme: Basel Castle is one of the craziest parties that goes down Art Basel week here in Miami. So for this print, I just wanted to go crazy with the graphic and show what I got out of it last year and give an inkling of what it could possibly be this year. I mean I’m kind of dark, I know Basel Castle isn’t that dark, but there’s this idea where it just seems like a big crazy dark carnival/ festival type thing, so that’s what I wanted to convey, so I hope it did that.

I think that Basel Castle is probably the best curated show or party in Miami. It’s not this big corporate thing where they have thrown a bunch of money to people who don’t know what they are doing. The Overthrow guys have been in the game so long and still know what’s good. They know how to throw a party, and they get bigger every year. If you look at the musical lineup at Basel Castle, just that alone, I mean wow. Then the crowd that you are with as far as the artists, both live painting and just hanging out, everybody’s down with their crew. It’s like the culmination of Art Basel, the topper on the cake at the end of the week.

1xRun: You’ll be staying pretty busy while you’re down there, what else do you have going on while you are there?
L’Amour Supreme: I won the Red Bull Canvas Cooler Project competition held in Brooklyn a few months back.  So Red Bull has rented a 500 sq foot booth at Scope, so I am able to show my work at Scope for the first time ever, which is really great. Also, I’m also doing a collaborative mural with Buff Monster down in the Wynwood area, so I’m going to paint up a wall or 2. Then I will also be doing the live painting at Basel Castle as well, which is going to be nuts. A lot going on this week.

1xRun: The Red Bull Cooler can definitely seems like a great opportunity.
L’Amour Supreme:  Yea, I mean if you think about it, you have Carlo McCormick and Ron English judging it that night and I was chosen as one of the winners. Then the next day the event culminated with people voting online where Claw Money and Kosti won. It was an honor to win that night at the judging.

1xRun: What is on the docket for you in 2013?
L’Amour Supreme:  Well I get back from Art Basel it’s like 2 days, and then I go off to Paris. Me, Buff Monster and Hydro are going to be live painting there and it’s going to be a good way to end 2012. Then after that me, Buff Monster and Nychos are going to San Antonio, Texas where we will be doing a huge collaborative mural.  After that me and Buff Monster will have a show at Cotton Candy Machine. I don’t want to plan it all too far it advance, but things just keep getting crazier and crazier, so we’ll leave it at that.

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