Wastedland 2 by Andrew H. Shirley

In a post apocalyptic land, the last few remaining inhabitants are the spirit animals of graffiti writers. Three solitary vandals (WOLFTITS, AVOID, and SMELLS) meet each other while seeking out the meaning behind the enigmatic artwork left behind by UFO (another nomadic artist). Roaming from one decaying zone to the next, in a never ending search for beer, weed, and a wall to paint- these artists form a pact with the other remaining desperate survivors (played by RAMBO, NOXER, EKG, and others). Through the practice of their ritualistic art- they will seek to attain truth and ultimately receive the answer to the question of their futility- “what’s the point?”


Director of Photography David Vlasits Additional Camera Jeffrey Lacascio and Jason Summers
Editor / VFX Lee Eaton Post Foley and Audio Production by Mike Frank Artwork by UFO 907 Scored by Craig Andersonic Music by Unstoppable Death Machines and more …