Why did we choose Casey Weldon for a release on 1xRUN? Here’s the Story –

Casey Weldon

We had reached out to Casey Weldon about doing a print release with us months ago. A couple of months later, in May, I was in Las Vegas for a boring conference and after a few days of walking down the strip I had grown tired of downtown Vegas. I know there is an arts community in every city, so with a little digging, I found a place called The Arts Factory and Casey was having an opening that night. How cool, we’ll have a chance to see his work in person, and maybe an opportunity to meet the artist.

The Arts Factory

The Arts Factory is an old warehouse that sits between The Strip and Old Vegas. This space is amazing; with friendly people and complete with a cafe, bistro, and an outdoor patio. The space is full of galleries of all sizes; some run by gallerists, but many of the spaces are dedicated to a single artist, where you can find each one telling visitors about their craft and selling their works. Performance, music, artists, art enthusiasts, kids and families exploring culture in their city… And the best part: no gambling, no noisy slot machines and very few tourists, if any.



Then we stumbled into Trifecta Gallery and met the owner Marty Walsh, a warm and vibrant person; after telling her about 1xRUN and our gallery in Michigan (323East), she introduced us to Casey. He was kind of shocked that we were at his opening in Las Vegas, but we soon struck up conversation about our passions for art and got to know one another. WOW. The art was selling fast, and people were having a great time at the opening. Casey was there with a big smile, talking with his new collectors, and enjoying the evening. The two pieces we chose for 1xRUN were singled out on a wall all their own. With the titles provoking as much conversation as the work itself, I knew these would be great for 1xRUN.


So one would ask, why should I collect Casey’s work?

There are many reasons to collect art prints of established and emerging artists alike, but reason #1 is that you love the art and want to enjoy it in your home, office, cottage etc… Casey’s art speaks to a place many of us can connect with; his frequent use of soft colors with an element that clashes and seems to be misplaced, provoking the viewer to look deeper into its subjective meaning. When you see his work online, some elements seem digital, but having seen Casey’s work in person, the soft brush strokes have made me realize how talented he is and how each painting is a progression of his craft. These elements come across in this set of high quality prints and we’re very excited to release these images exclusively on 1xRUN.



Jesse Cory is co-owner of 323East Gallery in Michigan, and co-founder of 1xRUN.com
To see more of Weldon’s artwork, visit his website at caseyweldon.com