10 New Paintings From Ben Eine’s Your Not My Type*

Opening October 8th, Ben Eine is bringing his his latest solo exhibition Your Not My Type* to London’s StolenSpace gallery.  With Your Not My Type* Eine returns to his signature typography that has made him one London’s truest champions of the letter form. Eine has has done public works throughout the world including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mexico City, Miami, Paris, Dublin, Tokyo, Stockholm as well as his home city of London. Recently British Prime Minister gave an Eine painting to President Barack Obama on his first official trip the United States.  Read on to check out a preview of Your Not My Type* and head over to StoleSpace Gallery for more information…

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Ben-Eine-A_Picture_Speaks-Your-Not-My-Type-Stolenspace-1xRUN-4 Ben-Eine-Your-Not-My-Type-Stolenspace-1xRUN-diversion-4 Ben-Eine-Your-Not-My-Type-Stolenspace-1xRUN-guesswork-4 Ben-Eine-Your-Not-My-Type-Stolenspace-1xRUN-Pure_Evil_landscape Ben-Eine-Your-Not-My-Type-Stolenspace-1xRUN-Pure_Evil_Portrait Ben-Eine-Your-Not-My-Type-Stolenspace-1xRUN-talk_is_cheap Ben-Eine-Your-Not-My-Type-Stolenspace-1xRUN-vandalism-4 Ben-Eine-Your-Not-My-Type-Stolenspace-1xRUN-nothing-to-lose-4Ben-Eine-Your-Not-My-Type-Stolenspace-1xRUN-yournotmytype-4

* “Four letters looked better than five.” – Ben Eine


Photos courtesy of StoleSpace Gallery – follow them @StolenSpaceGallery