1xRun & POW!WOW! Featured Artist Sever

PowWow-SeverAtlanta born artist Sever from the infamous MSK crew blasted his wall a few weeks ago in Oahu for POW!WOW! Hawaii 2015. With his unconventional murals spanning the globe Sever depicts an anti graffiti sign with Bugs & Taz from Looney Toons decked out in Kriss Kross attire. But if you look further into the mural there is a much deeper message on the wall.  PowWow-Sever_1 PowWow-Sever_2 The story of Oahu involves many important figures and one of them happens to be Captain Cook arriving on massive ships that Native Hawaiians believed were from another world. The peaceful tee pee like homes at the top of the mountain symbolize harmony and the sign suggests not to deface the property.PowWow-Sever_4 PowWow-Sever_5  PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri-&-Sat_61 I think you can figure out the underlined message here. Sever is talented on many levels and being subtle is something he’s never been. Just like his limited edition 1xRUN x POW!WOW! print released last week depicting the Ferguson riots.  We’ll let the image do the talking, grab one before you leave the site today. This relevant and sensitive print won’t be available after this week.Sever-Green

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words and photos by Mike Popso