A Look Inside Victor Castillo’s They Do Not Own Us

1xRUN welcomes back Chilean artist Victor Castillo as he joins us with his latest edition They Do Not Own Us. Taken from Victor Castillo’s most recent solo show titled The Invisible Cage at Isabel Croxatto Gallery, this painting was displayed with a humorous and ironic sculpture installation of children protesting, which reminds us of the children celebrating in Victor’s mural Futuro Espendor at the Gabriela Mistral cultural center (GAM) in Santiago, Chile. Read on for images from Castillo’s most recent exhibition and the story behind his latest edition available now. . .


“Young people marching in what looks like a carnival or a protest … the mural is inspired by the changes and social concerns that I see present in the current Chile and that are also part of a global social and economic crisis.

It is the system that refuses to change in the face of social movements, while politicians dress for the occasion hiding their true intentions and the owners of capital refuse to listen. It is a tragicomic vision of the contemporary context and an invitation to provide greater freedom of creation for our brilliant young people. ” – Víctor Castillo