Angry Woebots Makes His 1xRUN Debut With Masher 1 & 2 for Pow Wow Hawaii 2014

1xRUN Thru Interview
Masher 1 & 2 by Angry Woebots

1xRun: Tell us a little bit about these pieces, are the originals still for sale?
Angry Woebots: These two particular pieces were shown recently during Art Basel Miami, Masher 1 was sold and Masher 2 is still available it should be in transit to another show.


1xRun: Was this piece part of a recent theme, series or show that you had? If so how did it fit into that given grouping?
Angry Woebots: The Masher series is a style I’ve been playing with recently. It’s a lot more loose and raw. I’ve been known to paint these iconic panda characters for years now so this is me just playing with a different technique having fun with it. It was in a group show during Art Basel 2013, so each artist had their own space showing three to four pieces. I showed 3 pieces of work, 2 sold and of the three, two of the pieces were done in this style.

1xRun: When was this piece created and with what materials?
Angry Woebots: This piece was created in early December 2013 with acrylic and ink on wood art board.


1xRUN: Tell us how the idea and execution came about?
Angry Woebots: It came about during the Richmond Mural Project in Virginia. I was given 3 walls and one I just started getting real raw with white and roller stick while buffing the redbrick. I liked the way it looked so instead of buffing the whole wall I left the white raw lines and started the character from there.


1xRUN: How long did the piece take?
Angry Woebots: About a night on each piece.

1xRUN: What is unique about this piece?
Angry Woebots: Again just the style, I like it. It’s a fun technique.


1xRUN: Why should people buy this print?
Angry Woebots: Just a good option to own one of pieces, especially rocking with one time run who always have sick drops, honored to be releasing these with them.

1xRUN: Describe this piece in one gut reaction word.
Angry Woebots: Siiiick!


1xRUN: What has your experience been like with Pow Wow Hawaii previously, who are you most looking forward to seeing paint at this year’s event?
Angry Woebots: I love PowWow Hawaii, I started my career here in 2002 back when there was no community and it was very small. I had moved back from Seattle where I was introduced to a new emerging movement, so I had gained some knowledge and a head start. I had to later leave Hawaii to continue my career. Over the years I have met cats I’ve been fans of, painted, toured and even became good friends with. In the last three years I’ve been touring a lot around the world and many artist I’ve shown with have been invited to PowWow thanks to Jasper Wong’s monster movement. It’s very cool to meet all these talented artist over seas and find out they are coming to Hawaii my hometown to paint.


I struggled hard to start my art career from Hawaii and now many of my favorite artists are rocking out family style back on my Island. I’m hyped to see everyone rock, its gonna be cool to have them bless Hawaii’s walls I’m looking forward to my collaboration with Tatiana Suarez who, I’ve been a fan of and met couple years ago. Looking forward to cats I met over the years to be rocking Hawaii like Ron English, Triston Eaton, Gaia, my crew mate from New Zealand will be here Tanja Jade I’m stoked for her and good friend Skinner. Everyone that’s coming its gonna be insane to meet even more talented cats, my shits always been about meeting gnarly creatives, its why I keep doing what I do. Dave Kinsey I been a fan of, he’s been part of this movement from day one so I can’t wait to see what he smashes. I’m looking forward to all the artist.


1xRUN: Anybody you’d personally like to collaborate with if the opportunity presented itself?
Angry Woebots: Again I’ll be crushing a production with Tatiana Suarez, she’s insanely good I think our styles will mash well together.


1xRUN: As a local Hawaiian artist, what would you like for visiting artists to take away from their time in Hawaii?
Angry Woebots: Just come here and enjoy. PowWow is a different kind of Jam because it’s more personal and intimate. You really get to chop it up with other artist. Most Jams I’ve been to, you fly out, paint a wall maybe meet few of the artist, drink at a bar, paint some more and then you fly home. It’s different for PowWow. All those who have never been, just be ready because you will want to come back and Jam again. PowWowHawaii is the best Jam ever. It’s in Hawaii, nuffsaid=) ha!

1xRUN: Who are some of your favorite Hawaiian artists for the uninitiated?
Angry Woebots: All the homies I’ve done shows with outside Hawaii for sure and honestly most of them are some of my favorites. In no particular order – Slick, Edwin Ushiro, Ekundayo, Mean, Katch, Kamea Hadar, Jasper Wong, Ian Kuali’i, Estria, Prime,Nerves, East3, Aloha Family crew to name a few.


1xRUN: Do you have any plans for your wall out there or are you just going to improvise it when you get there?
Angry Woebots: Tatiana and I have been throwing sketches back and forth.

1xRUN: How did 2013 wrap up for you?
Angry Woebots: It was amazing went to Asia 3 times multiple countries, rocked in 4 major mural jams, toured most of the year. Life is golden.

1xRUN: Aside from Pow Wow 2014, what are your plans for the new year?
Angry Woebots: I’ll be touring Asia again, Singapore, Jakarta Indonesia, Taipe, Philippines, Tokyo. I’ll be hopping around the U.S. , I got a solo show in Hawaii I’m excited for. Also doing a jam in Mongolia later this year. Just looking forward to painting walls meeting more artist and putting out new work. I’m pretty much booked til mid next year. Blessed.

1xRUN: Anything you’d like to add that we didn’t touch on?
Angry Woebots: Look out for more Resin Figures, Vinyl toys and gear dropping this year.

1xRUN: Where else can people find you?
Angry Woebots:  WebsiteWebstoreFacebook –  Instagram@woes – Twitter@woesmartin – Tumblr @fatsniper –