Days In The Life by BlusterOne & Laurie Markiewicz Opens at AdvantgardeLES in NYC

BlusterOne (aka James Alicea) and Laurie Markiewicz opened up Days In The Life a collaborative body of work showcased in New York City’s Avantgarde gallery located in the Lower East Side.  The collaborative exhibition by the creative couple featured a mix of photography, drawings and paintings as the two captured their environments of their daily grind from the perspectives above ground and below. With constant push and focus the level of work and presentation was tantamount, one of reasons for the respect and appreciation the two get in their field. Read on to see more from Days In The Life which is on view now at Avantegarde Gallery…


“Our collaboration piece “Crossing” is how we perceive and cope with the organized chaos of our everyday runarounds in the city that never sleeps. We have always wanted to merge my photography with his hand style and characters. We both are very much inspired with each others work and find it compliments one another. Regardless of the work itself, James and I collaborate every day and every minute, managing home life with three pre-teenage children. Our blended family is our biggest and main collaboration,” Markiewicz said.

The crowd featured dozens of Bluster and Markiewicz’s closest friends, associates, subjects, supporters and fans hundreds rolling thru the show to see new works on the opening night including 1xRUN alum Kevin Lyons as well as famed TV personality & chef Rachael Ray and her husband John Cusimano from the band Cringe, celebrity chef Anne Burrell, CEO of Shady Records Paul D Rosenberg, as well as Joel Ortiz of SlaughterHouse and Cormega, famed photographer David Shadi Perez, and David “Chino” Villorente to name a few. Read on to check out more photos from the opening night.


All photos taken by Destiny Mata.