Detroit Free Press Profiles Murals In The Market

1xRUN Co-founders Jesse Cory and Dan Armand, along with Murals In The Market Director Roula Cory caught up with the Detroit Free Press to discuss Murals In The Market. Check out a clip from the article below and head to for the full article. Painting  gets under way September 17th, so if you are in the area please come down to the market.

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MitM Featured Artist Exhibition

In addition to the print suite and new murals going up throughout the city, Inner State gallery will host an exhibition featuring over 50 new works of original art by all participating artists.

To request the advance collector catalog from this exhibition please or call 313-744-6505

Inner State Gallery
1410 Gratiot Avenue
Detroit, Michigan 48201 –
Artist Reception – Sept. 23rd7-10 pm
Open Daily from Sept. 20th – 25th from 11am-4pm


View the full event schedule at