Daim Makes His Debut With 3 New DaimWaves

1xRUN Thru Interview
Wave, Shadow, and Pink Nature by Daim

1xRun: Tell us a little bit about these pieces, when did you first write these letters?
Daim: Reduction is initially the last word that one would attribute to my works. But relating to the choice of my motive this expression is definitely appropriate. In my works I depict my writer’s name – Daim. However my work is mostly about the construction and deconstruction of typography.  It’s about catching this moment between erasure and remaining, it’s about constructing letters, composing form but simultaneously questioning it. And then the works of course have a very personal sphere….


In 1989 I wrote Daim for the first time. After all those years I still see this lettering as a self-portrait. By concentrating on a certain idea, the technique or a style, by working on a certain piece for a long time frame, by totally engaging in this process, you get to know a lot about yourself and your personality. And this of course can be seen again in the works, that I create.  It’s this constant evolution of your work and your character that even after 25 years still fascinates me. The content is very clearly linked to the form. These are my letters. This is my name. This is my work.


1xRun: Was this work part of a recent theme, series or show that you had?
Daim: The three editions are from the “DaimWave” series. I’m very glad that I have the basis of my four-letter writer’s name and can concentrate on the respective style, which indeed functions according to an emotion that simply has to feel right.

The single prints and their compilation as a series are exclusively available at 1xRun. I wanted to realize something special: the series of these three prints is chosen so that you can reproduce the entire spectrum of my work. My use of the name Daim is becoming more and more complex in them. My development as a human being strongly corresponds with this process. It has something to do with personal maturing, the general situation of aging.


This series was also continued with a current mural I realized in the scope of the exhibition, “Beyond Melancholia” at the Museum für Völkerkunde  in Hamburg, Germany. Colors and also additional elements are varying, but the style remains and changes only corresponding to the size I realize the works in.

1xRUN: What materials did you use to create this piece?
Daim: Each piece was created with spray paint and acrylic.


1xRun: When was the piece drawn and created?
Daim: Wave was created in 2011, Shadow and Pink Nature in 2013.

1xRun: Anything you would like us to highlight about these works?
Daim: The work “DaimWave – Shadow Daim” can also be seen in my new book “Mirko Reisser (Daim) 1989 – 2014“, that was published in October. For the first time it shows an extensive insight into my work from the time of my studies in Switzerland up to the present, in which my works are mostly shown in big museum presentations.


In more than 350 images, of which some have never been published before, the book shows the development of my work over a course of 25 years also all important periods of my career. Murals, canvases, sculptures, editions, graphics and the later recordings can be seen. Detailed information about my book can also be found here.daim-wave-20x13-1xrun-blog-hero

1xRun: Describe this series in one gut reaction word.
Daim: Energetic.

1xRun: Any recent shows or big events that you’d like to highlight?
Daim:  As I mentioned on October 8th I just released my book. I am in two ongoing exhibitions in Germany as well as solo exhibition in Switzerland. I am a part of “Existential Visual Worlds” at the Museum für Moderne in Kunst, that will be exhibited until February 1st, 2015, as well as, “Beyond Melancholia” at the Museum für Völkerkunde in Hamburg which will run until January 4th, 2015. My solo exhibition “monomania” is currently on view until January 1st, 2015 at Zone Contemporaine in Berne, Switzerland.



1xRun: Any big shows or events coming up?
Daim: Of course, next year there will again exhibitions and interesting projects, but after having worked on a lot of them in the past few months it is now necessary for me to concentrate on new ideas and works in the quiet of my studio for a while.

Work by the artist Daim for his recent show melancholy.




1xRun: Where else can people find you?
Daim:  Mirko Reisser WebsiteDaim.org WebsiteFacebookTwitterYoutube