Joseph Martinez Debuts With Fuck You Pay Me

1xRUN Thru Interview
Fuck You Pay Me by Joseph Martinez

1xRun: Tell us a little bit about this piece.
Joseph Martinez: This piece was just an experiment that I had wanted to do for some time doing a collage with currency and gouache.


1xRun: Was this piece part of a recent theme, series or show that you had?
Joseph Martinez: I have a series I am slowly working on, I haven’t shown in any gallery yet.

1xRun: What materials were used to create this piece?
Joseph Martinez: The piece is on Rives BFK with a mix of gouache and currency.


1xRun: When was the piece created and how long did it take to complete?
Joseph Martinez: This piece was created in 2012 and took about a few days, working on it here and there.

1xRun: Anything immediate you would like us to highlight?
Joseph Martinez: In the original piece I used real currency.


1xRun: Tell us how the idea and execution came about?
Joseph Martinez: I came about the idea with Mickey in mind. I figured with the way the economy had been going, and still is for that matter, that even Mickey Mouse is collecting his dues.

1xRun: What is unique about this piece?
Joseph Martinez: I like the unique part of the collage currency along side the graphic look of the triangles.


1xRun: Why should people buy this print?
Joseph Martinez: People should buy this print if it makes them happy in some sort of way.

1xRun: Describe the piece in one gut reaction word.
Joseph Martinez: Fuck-You-Pay-Me.


1xRun: When did you first start making art?  What was your first piece?
Joseph Martinez: I’ve been creating since I was a child, it wasn’t restricted to just drawing. First piece I can remember was a caveman walking a dinosaur.

1xRun: What artists inspired you early on?
Joseph Martinez: The first artist that I can remember being inspired by was H.R. Giger, I really liked the subject matters he focused on. My work isn’t really anything like but I remember always keeping up with his work.


1xRun: What artists inspire you now?
Joseph Martinez: A lot of artist inspire me now, too many to name. Anyone who is pushing the bar and trying new things.

1xRun: Do you listen to music while you work? If so what? If not then what is your environment like when you work?
Joseph Martinez: I always listen to music while creating stuff, it’s like the soundtrack to the pieces. I listen to a lot of Blu, he’s my favorite living MC. I also like a lot of instrumentals as well.

1xRun: If you could collaborate with any living artist who would it be and why?
Joseph Martinez: If I could collaborate with any living artist I would have to say Mars-1, I feel that I would tap into a whole different part of my brain for that and I’m not sure what that would consist of and I like that idea. 1xRun_Mars_19x19_web_1

1xRun: If you could collaborate with any deceased artists who would it be and why?
Joseph Martinez: I would have to say Dali, for the same reason and he was an interesting character even with out his paintings

1xRun: What was the first piece of art that you bought? Do you still have it?
Joseph Martinez: The first piece I ever bought was at a Mike Giant show in SF, I do still have it. It’s an original hand style piece titled “TenderLoin” I love that piece, I’ll never get rid of it.

1xRun: What was the last piece of art that you bought?
Joseph Martinez: Last piece I got was an Anthony Lister piece.


1xRun: Where else can people find you?
Joseph Martinez: WebsiteInstagram @Josephmrtnz