LaPrisaMata aka Luis Toledo & His Psychedelic UFO

Luis Toledo (aka LaPrisaMata) is an illustrator from Madrid, Spain, whose work gives the audience the feeling of entering into another world. The abstract imagery in most of Luis Toledo’s work is similar to what one would picture in a dream or distant memory. The colorful, free-form shapes in Toledo’s collection are paired up with intricate depictions of people, skulls, nature, and other familiar imagery.  For his debut RUN with us Spanish artist Luis Toledo has brought us the intricate Desaparecida. Roughly translated it means missing, or late/deceased, but to avoid cliches the only thing missing here is well…we’ll leave that up to you. Read on for our exclusive 1xRUN Thru Interview with Luis where he discusses past influences and more!

Luis Toledo

1xRUN Thru Interview

Desaparecida by Luis Toledo

1xRun: Is the original still for sale?

Luis Toledo:   Yes!

1xRun: When was the piece drawn/created?

Luis Toledo:  2010

1xRun: Anything immediate you would like us to highlight?

Luis Toledo:  This was to create a new form of alien abduction, not shown in the normal way, but my way. It is the creation of a new religion, a new symbiosis between species, a new way to believe, represent a new form of history.

1xRun: Tell us how the idea and execution came about?

Luis Toledo:  The process of creating the images is very slow. My concern about the symbology and the details make the production of the work may take up to a month.

1xRun: How long did the piece take?

Luis Toledo:   1 Week, 24/7.

1xRun: What is unique about this piece?

Luis Toledo:  This is Laprisamata 100%.

1xRun: Why should people buy this piece?

Luis Toledo:  I think you can interest people who like to dream and experience. That do not follow trends and listen to their heart. This work is aimed at people who like details, spending time looking at an image and discovering new symbols.

1xRun: Describe the piece/print in one gut reaction word.

Luis Toledo:  UFO.

Run #00230 // Desaparecida by Luis Toledo

1xRun: When did you first start making art?

Luis Toledo:  I started very early age, many of my memories are of me with a pencil in my hand. From age 14 I began to draw store posters and drawings for tattoos and so it began. Soon I started doing album covers work for design studios and advertising agencies.

1xRun: What artists inspired you early on?

Luis Toledo:  Francisco Goya, Salvador Dalí, renaissance art, pop art, folk art and religious art.

1xRun: What artists inspire you now?

Luis Toledo:  Toño Camuñas, Julio Cappa, Moebius, Android Jones, primitive art…

1xRun: Do you listen to music while you work? If so what? If not then what is your environment like when you work?

Luis Toledo:  Always. Aphex Twin to Flamenco music, Hip hop, reggae..

1xRun: If you could collaborate with any living artist who would it be and why?

Luis Toledo:  Alejandro Jodorowosky, Fernando Arrabal, Michael Hussar, Glenn Brown, José Hernandez, Toño Camuñas, Skinner, Jeremy Geddes, Android Jones…

1xRun: If you could collaborate with any deceased artists who would it be and why?

Luis Toledo:  Dalí, Moebius, Mucha, Magritte…

1xRun: What was the first piece of art that you bought? Do you still have it?

Luis Toledo:  Hindus engravers

1xRun: What was the last piece of art that you bought?

Luis Toledo:  One Julio Cappa´s piece

Julio Cappa

1xRun:  Where can people find you on the internette??

Luis Toledo:  WebsiteFacebookTwitterBehance