“Memento Mori” and an Era of Beautiful Monstrosities

Memento Mori

Remember your mortality

Translating the title might give you a jump start on the significance of this artwork. A clearly symbolic piece that at first glance presents beauty and death, but the entire context may not be readily apparent. Fortunately, we’re able to bring you some conceptual background from the artist herself, Audrey Pongracz

“The title of this piece is an old saying, meaning  ‘remember your mortality.’

“The piece is basically based on pure imagery, like the rest of the pieces for the upcoming show, Beautiful Monstrosities; mixing soft, pretty things with dark, strange things. Here you have sickness and death, symbolized by the Plague Doctors, and beauty and vitality, represented with the girl.

“It is this kind of juxtaposition that we find captivating, and is the primary inspiration behind the Beautiful Monstrosities exhibition. You can find this contrast in the Victorian Era – an underlining darkness in an era of aesthetic beauty, which is present in most of the pieces for the show.

“Poverty and Child Labor led to a high death rate for children, and in turn made post mortem photos popular at the time. The heavy use of opium as a household “cure-all” in Laudanum, and the many ill uses of arsenic: from edible “complexion wafers,” to the deadly pigment of Emerald and Paris Green used in wallpaper and clothing; and the accidental use of the poison as sugar, leading to hundreds ill and several deaths… all while sitting proper and keeping the corsets tight.”

As Audrey mentioned above, this original artwork will be featured in the upcoming exhibition ‘Beautiful Monstrosities‘ at 323East Gallery on Saturday July 9, 2011.

Audrey believes “art should be attainable to everyone, visually or mentally. This is something I strive for in my work. Art should be a viewing experience. I love when I can look at a painting and be entranced by it, in awe of its application or just the wonder of it.”

We believe this print offers just that – a very attainable, entrancing experience.

Details for this RUN

Maximum Edition: 35
Dimensions: 15 x 22 inches
Print Type: Giclée
on 330gsm Archival Cotton

Available from: July 5 – July 12

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