Murals In The Market Day 5 Recap

Murals In The Market day 5 is all knocked out. Artists are finishing up one by one the inaugural Murals In The Market festival has been a hit locally and nationally. Legendary documentary photographer Martha Cooper and Parisian artist Kashink also gave talks yesterday at Inner State gallery to intimate crowds. Read on to see recap photos from Day 5 at Murals In The Market.

Noesgowoeswall_1_ELJEFE313_9-22-15 OuiziMartha_1_ELJEFE313_9-21-15 Ouizi_1_ELJEFE313_9-21-15 Naturel_1_ELJEFE313_9-21-15 LukeC_4_ELJEFE313_9-22-15 LukeC_3_ELJEFE313_9-22-15  LukeC_1_ELJEFE313_9-22-15 LukeC_2_ELJEFE313_9-22-15 Kobie_1_ELJEFE313_9-22-15 Kashink_5_ELJEFE313_9-22-15 Beau_3_ELJEFE313_9-22-15 Denial_1_ELJEFE313_9-21-15 You can also stay tuned up to the minute by following @muralsinthemarket and #muralsinthemarket on Instagram. We have been blown away by over 1000 photos from Detroiter’s capturing their favorite moments of the inaugural Murals In The Market!


Photos by 1xRUN Contributing Photographer Sal Rodriguez. Follow him @elJefe313.