NNII Solo Exhibition Etiquette Opens In Detroit


Detroit is a city full of many unique artists and characters.  NNII is one of those unique individuals.  If you don’t know who NNII or his work yet, you will soon enough.  NNII is an original guy in all aspects of life.  Particularly in his new works made for his solo show “Etiquette.” Gigantic, black & white paintings depicting more than a mouthful of emotions and expression. Raw and uncut lines on each canvas profile a list of current affairs across the globe.  Cop cars burning and ghost-like figures with no faces or details give you the idea of what’s on his mind.

1xRun_RickyPowell_NicNotion_Exhibitions_9 1xRun_RickyPowell_NicNotion_Exhibitions_10 1xRun_RickyPowell_NicNotion_Exhibitions_11 1xRun_RickyPowell_NicNotion_Exhibitions_12 1xRun_RickyPowell_NicNotion_Exhibitions_13 1xRun_RickyPowell_NicNotion_Exhibitions_15

On top of the exquisite new style he has adopted, NNII went even further with the overall feel of his show.  A burned out Jaguar on blocks with smoke smack in the middle of the room really set the mood real quick.  If that wasn’t enough his neighbor and veteran jazz saxophonist blasted some free form horn play on top of the burned out car.  I honestly can’t say I’ve ever been more floored at a solo artists show.

1xRun_RickyPowell_NicNotion_Exhibitions_14 1xRun_RickyPowell_NicNotion_Exhibitions_18  1xRun_NicNotion_Exhibitions_2015-9 1xRun_NicNotion_Exhibitions_20151xRun_RickyPowell_NicNotion_Exhibitions_17   1xRun_RickyPowell_NicNotion_Exhibitions_20

NNII has a bright future ahead of him and we all can’t wait to see what his future has in store.


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Words and photos by 1xRun photographer Mike Popso @mrpopso84