NYCC 2011 Wrap-Up

Our weekend in New York for the 2011 Comic Con was a blast! It might have taken us a while to recover, but we’ve got a special recap for anyone who couldn’t make it out to our booth.


Prior to NYCC, we teamed up with the awesome crew at Clutter Magazine to produce some limited edition print goodness.  The first to be released was a screen print designed by Pete Fowler, based on his design for the Designer Toy Awards, “The Toy King.” You can see the print on our archives or a few posts below this one.


We also met the guys responsible for the “art nerd super site,” TRAMPT. It was their first NYCC as well, and great to see a solid art startup company going at it strong. Playing around on their site, everything is snazzy and works great! We can’t wait to see loads of new features roll out soon. If you haven’t heard of Trampt, but might be a fan of expressobeans or rotocasted, this site is doing all that, and (very soon) more.

Tenacious Toys

Yes, 1xRUN is all about the art prints, but we get just as geeked out about other collectable pieces of art, and a huge part of the CultYard scene at NYCC is collectable art toys. So of course it was awesome to be booth-neighbors with the peeps from Tenacious Toys!

Cotton Candy Machine

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Tara McPherson, and we’ve kept a keen eye on all of the exhibitions at her new Brooklyn boutique, The Cotton Candy Machine. We may or may not have giggled like fanboys when we noticed that the NYCC booth we reserved was right across from her Cotton Candy Machine booth.