John Prime Kicks Off POW! WOW! Hawaii 2015

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After a day of meeting new friends and rekindling old relationships, the 1xRUN team never ceases to be amazed by the awe and wonder that POW!WOW! Hawaii brings every year. From the knowledge and wisdom of John Prime to the history of the land and the artists inhabiting the island for 2015 POW!WOW a mural festival on Oahu in Kaka’ako. We kicked off the day on a scenic and spiritual cultural tour with native Hawaiian John Prime giving a brief history and language lesson at the Pali look out. After a trip to Iolani Palace – the former residence of the Hawaiian monarchy – everybody was treated to an tour through the meticulously Doris Dukes Shangri La Museum near Diamondhead.  The weather and mood was perfect for everyone to introduce themselves and their purpose here on the island.  Photographer Mike Popso snapped a few flicks to sum up the day and all its wonder.  We’ve also put in a few language lessons and nuggets of wisdom from Prime for preparation and as painting begins Monday. Stay tuned all month for updates and coverage of all of our releases, murals & parties from POW!WOW! 2015. Mahalo.

Cultural Tour-2015_1

John Prime & Mario Remos

Cultural Tour-2015

John Prime Welcoming Pow Wow 2015 Participants To Pali Lookouts


Pali Lookout Panoramic

“Hawaii. Some people will say that is just the name of the state. In Hawaii we’ve never accepted Hawaii as a state, we acknowledge it as a place. Look at Ha-wa-ii.

The ‘Ha’ is the breath of life. The breath that you and I share when we make contact. When polynesians great, we greet with our noses. We don’t greet with our mouths, because the air that leaves your mouth can be deceiving. The air that leaves your nose is the purest air. That’s why we always touch nose and take a deep breath, and say ‘Mahalo’ for sharing your breath with me. From the first breath that we take when we enter this world, to the last breath that we take when we leave, we are just stewards of that particular time and space. We never own anything in between.

Cultural Tour-2015_2

Maya Hayuk & Olek Overlooking Pali Look Out

The “wai” is the water.  The water that flows through our bodies, through the land and through the ocean, all of these things are connected. It’s that model of prosperity. If you take care of the water it will take care of the plants and animals, then the people can eat. Hawaiians knew that. In Hawaiian language, if you say waiwai it means prosperity. They were very very smart with their language. There are so many levels of understanding.

The “aii” is the spirit that connects everyone. When we meet there is something familiar about you guys that I can’t remember from before. I can’t put a time or a place on it, but I recognize it. It’s inside you.

Ha. Wai. Ii. It’s a mission statement for our people.” – John Prime

Cultural Tour-2015_5

John Prime Addresses The Pow! Wow! Hawaii Participants

“You can call me crazy, but in Hawaiian thinking, this is not your first time here. You’ve been here before, that’s why you’re here again. There’s going to be a lot of things throughout this trip that remind you of another lifetime when you were here. When I tell you guys welcome home it’s because I believe that you were here before.” – John Prime

Cultural Tour-2015_6

John Prime Addresses The Pow! Wow! Hawaii Participants

“Aloha. It’s the proper way to give stuff to people. With the utmost respect.  If you break it down ‘Alo’ means front, or face to face. The ‘Ha’ I’ve already talked about, so here we are. So while I am in front of you I want to present my breath to you.” – John Prime


John Prime Addresses The Pow! Wow! Hawaii Participants


John Prime Addresses The Pow! Wow! Hawaii Participants

“Mahalo. It doesn’t mean thank you. That’s the best interpretation of thank you, but mahalo actually means it’s because of you, that I was put into this place of gratitude. So when I mahalo you, I am acknowledging your effect on me as a person. There’s a big difference from just saying thank you. With thank you, I just let you go. Mahalo means it’s because of you that I feel connected, and when we part ways I look forward to meeting you again. There’s a bigger story than just saying one word. English always knows how to screw everything up.” – John Prime


“This is a visit to the past. You are all going to determine the path to the future.” – John Prime


Prime & Maria Remos Share Breath with Pow! Wow! Participants at Iolani Palace


Prime & Maria Remos Share Breath with Pow! Wow! Participants at Iolani Palace

“When I see you guys come here, you are removing salt, and you are providing food for people to digest visually. It’s little chunks. It’s big chunks. Everybody wants to absorb what you all have to offer. This is where we start the process of inspiration. Thank you for being here.”  – John Prime


Cultural Tour-2015_8

James Jean & Jeff Hamada

Cultural Tour-2015_7

Maya Hayuk at Shangri La

Cultural Tour-2015_9

NoseGo at Shangri La

Cultural Tour-2015_10

Reach & Debe

Cultural Tour-2015_11

Fafi, Tatiana Suarez & Hueman at Shangri La

Cultural Tour-2015_13

Olek, Marcelo of Instagrafite

Cultural Tour-2015_12

Ocean View from Shangri La


Photos by @mrpopso84