Sam Wolfe Connelly: Playboy, Palahniuk, and Prints!

Sam Wolfe Connelly was commissioned by Playboy magazine to create a piece to accompany a story by Chuck Palahniuk (author of Fight Club) called, “Romance,” in the August 2011 issue. The story is about the narrator’s wife and how appearances aren’t always how they necessarily seem.


Romance in Playboy



A few of us here are fans of Chuck Palahniuk’s novels and were keen to find the story, but stumbled upon something even more interesting. It was made into a film!

You can check out this Facebook page for updates on that, and read below for a synopsis and some commentary by Chuck:

After his girlfriend dies from cancer John finds himself overweight and thrust back into a hopeless world. When a girl who claims to be Britney Spears hits on him, he can’t believe his luck. She looks like a supermodel and parties like Hollywood. The only reason she doesn’t dump him for someone more attractive is he keeps the party rolling… or at least that’s the story he’s sticking with. Here’s how Chuck describes it: “The story is called ‘Romance,’ and it’s the most redemptive story I’ve ever written. Look for a good, old-fashioned boy-meets-girl love story culminating in the birth of beautiful babies. I’ll be reading it on tour in October for ‘Damned.'”


All of at 1x have been fans of Sam’s art for some time now and we’re planning a few release over the next several months starting with Romance. This print drops at noon on 9/19, click here to check it out!


Romance by Sam Wolfe Connelly

More about the Sam…

In addition to Sam’s upcoming release on 1xRUN, his work will be featured in his solo exhibition, Semiprecious at Spoke Art on October 8th! Previously, his work has been featured in the Society Of Illustrators NYC & LA Student Show 2010/2011,, Creative Quarterly, The 2009 SCADDY’s, and CMYK Magazine.  A few notable places you might com clients include Playboy Magazine, Hasbro, Colors Magazine, SCAD, and Coheed & Cambria.

Semiprecious at Spoke Art Gallery