Scott Marsh Gives Away Art Via The Sydney Transit System

Scott Marsh recently garnered worldwide praise and headlines for his Kanye Loves Kanye mural in Chippendale, Sydney which embroiled him in a month long saga with rapper Kanye West. More recently Marsh’s ‘Casino Mike’ mural in Sydney has grabbed headlines calling into question Sydney’s controversial lock out laws and NSW premier’s Mike Baird’s motivations behind standing by these hugely unpopular laws.

‘Australian Graffiti’ is the latest show by Australian Artist Scott Marsh, it is a continuation of Marsh’s studio work which aims to blur the lines between art & vandalism between the highbrow & lowbrow art movements. This body of work combines the aesthetic and techniques familiar in graffiti culture with classic motifs from the fine art establishment.


‘Australian Graffiti’ will be held in two stages over the course of 5 days (Friday 17th of June each day until Wednesday 22nd June). Firstly Marsh will be exhibiting and giving away artworks valued at thousands of dollars to the public in a treasure hunt. Works will be affixed to Sydney trains and sent into service, social media clues and timetables (for the trains in question) will be sent to Marsh’s followers who are encourage to go hunt down the pieces and take them home on a first in best dressed bases. Marsh will be in close proximity to the works to record the finders reactions.


The treasure hunt will culminate in a pop up exhibition held on the evening of the 22nd of June. Marsh is re appropriating a secret location around Sydney’s CBD as both his canvas and gallery, begging the question is this art? You decide.

Find out more on his website and on Instagram @scottie.marsh