Streets: POW! WOW! Hawaii Final Walls – Round 1

As POW! WOW! has ended 1xRUN is proud to showcase dozens of the newly completed murals at yet another year for the record books with dozens of artists completing showstopping murals throughout Ka’kakao and Honolulu.

Among many others, this year found Naturel going big at Fresh Cafe with a massive “Glo’d Up” mural featuring glow-in-the-dark paint. An homage to Naturel’s roots in Guam where the bio-luminescent jellyfish lives, the Washington DC artist wanted to bring his own island feel to Oahu. Other artists getting into the aloha spirit were Bay area artist Hueman, who gave her spin on the Hawaiian goddess Haumea on the Cooke Street Diner, as well as Hawaiian born Slick. Slick’s massive red, white and blue Hawaiian flag covered the nearly 60 foot wall at Fresh Cafe with Queen Liliʻuokalani’s protest letter denouncing United States take over of the Hawaiian Islands.

With a strong showing of female artists colorful murals the ladies had quite a field day as Natalia Rak, Maya Hayuk, Lauren Ys and Tatiana Suarez all brightened up the Ka’akako district with new murals. Not to be outdone, massive walls from D*Face, Sever and brothers Matt and Tristan Eaton also round out this first update for POW! WOW! 2015.

Scroll to see finished mural photos by Colin M. Day featuring all the artists mentioned above as well as Katch, Roxanne & Matthew Ortiz and Stay tuned for much more to come and see all the finished walls and more here on the 1xRUN blog!

PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_97


PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_98PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_100 PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_99     PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_84PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_88PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_89  PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_91PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_92 PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_90


PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_59 PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_44 PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_45 PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_43


PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_19   PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_16PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_15PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_2 PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_7PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_4

Natalia Rak

PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_79


PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_78


PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_81

Matthew & Roxanne Ortiz

PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_75PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_77PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_76


PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_61PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_63

Lauren Ys

PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_58

Lauren Ys & Tatiana Suarez

PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_56

Tatiana Suarez

PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_55

Matt & Tristan Eaton

PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_51 PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_52

Maya Hayuk

PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_47PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_46PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_48