Taliban Don’t Surf

The full story

If you’ve checked out this print already, you’ll notice quite a detailed description this time around. The artist himself wanted to give everyone the full context for this piece. Not only is it a print of superb quality and completely artist-handled (JRF did 100% of the production on this one), but it packs a hefty message.

This piece offers great visual and plenty of story to tell anyone who spots it on your wall. If you haven’t already been to the print page, you can read the artist’s description of the work below. We also threw in some of the relevant media that JRF used as source material for creating the piece.

“Taking inspiration from Francis Ford Coppola’s monumental war film, Apocalypse Now, as well as the song Charlie Don’t Surf by The Clash, JRF’s Taliban Don’t Surf presents a topical narrative infused with politically-charged rhetoric. It parodies western stereotypes while questioning the ambiguous motives of the US military occupation along border of Pakistan/Afghanistan.” – JRF


“Here are a few aspects of the craft of the design; from first thumbnail sketch (dated 2/21/11) and notes, to illustrating type specimens and creating other analog elements for use in the collage. After a few dozen digital comps, films are ripped, screens are coated and burned, inks mixed, paper trimmed and registered and squeegees pulled.” – JRF




For more media inspiring this print, and used in production, check out the artist’s blog entry about making this print.

JRF Taliban Dont Surf Print

Taliban Don’t Surf is a hand-crafted, artist-pulled, two-color screen print on black 100# French paper stock. The archival, 18″ x 24″ print is an edition of only fifty units, each individually embossed with artist’s chop on lower left and numbered on lower right.




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