The Alpha Project by RONE

After months of quietly workingRONE has unveiled his latest and incredibly beautiful project inside the Alphington Paper Mills in Melbourne, Australia. The “Alpha Project” spans multiple buildings within the old campus and features murals in true RONE style. Watch the video by Everfresh Studio below. Rone is known for his massive portraits and has been featured in publications around the world.

“Over the last few months, I’ve been working in secret on a series of works in an old paper mill. This was a dream project, a giant abandoned site where I could paint whatever I saw fit. These latest works at Yarra Bend have been completed inside the iconic brutalist brick buildings of the old Alphington Paper Mills on Heidelberg Road. As a continuation of the idea from the Empty Exhibition, the intention with the project is to create a new series of photographic works. More people see my work in a documented form than will ever see it in person. Knowing this has changed the way I think about the life of my work. Nothing last forever. As long as it’s there long enough to be documented, I know that it will live on in another form.” -RONE

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