Tre Packard Founder of PangeaSeed


Tre Packard is the founder of a revolutionary non-profit Ocean conservation project PangeaSeed. Also the originator of a movement he coined as “activism”, a process that involves world famous artists prints and putting the profits from sales back into Ocean research, protection and conservation projects that dive deeper than what meets the surface.

PangeaSeed-2015_3 PangeaSeed-2015_7PangeaSeed-2015_6

Tre comes from a back ground of skateboarding, heavy metal and the art that surrounded that world.  Below is a short video captured in Maimi Art Basel last year at Wynwood that we collaborated on.  Part of his SeaWalls mural festival traveling the world exposing artists and the world to the devastating effects humans and industry have taken on the sea life and the beautiful waters we need to protect before the underwater worlds become extinct. Stay tuned in the next week for a full length in depth interview with Tre.  From his humble beginnings to his current home base on Oahu, Hawaii.

Learn more about Tre and how to donate here

Words & photos by Mr. Popso