Ten New POW! WOW! Hawaii Artists To Follow On Instagram

POW! WOW! Hawaii officially gets underway on February 6th  and the POW! WOW! x 1xRUN print releases are in full swing! We know sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all of the content being shared on social media, so we wanted to narrow it down for you and give you 10 of the new faces that will be coming out for this year’s POW! WOW! Hawaii that you can follow on Instagram. Read on to check out 10 of this year’s newest artists to join the POW! WOW! Family…

1) @the_hula – Sean Yoro – Hawaii

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2) @htzk – Hitotzuki –  The collaborative work of KAMI and SASU – Japan

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3) @slinkachu_official – Stuart Pantoll – London

4) @felipepantone – Felipe Pantone – Spain

5) @lolo.ys – Lauren Ys – Born in Denver, Colorado; based in San Francisco, California

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6) @jamesjirat – James Jirat Patradoon – Sydney, Australia

7) @edwinushiro – Edwin Ushiro – Born in Hawaii, based in Los Angeles

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8) @starfightera – Christina Angelina – Reno, Nevada

9) @riskrock – Kelly Graval – Los Angeles

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10) @hebrubrantley – Hebru Brantley – Chicago

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Keep an eye out for print releases daily from these 10 POW! WOW! Hawaii artists and dozens more, and be sure to join us for the 4th Annual POW! WOW! x 1xRUN Print Exhibition at Lana Lane Studios, 327 Lana Lane Honolulu, Hawaii. February 9-13th.