1xRUN Announces The 2020 International Women’s Day Collection

For centuries, women’s artwork has been pushed to the margins of museums, gallery spaces, and textbooks. Even today, although they make up roughly half of working visual artists in the United States, only 13% of major museum collections represent women.

We believe that supporting art by (living) women, attending their gallery exhibitions, and sharing their work is the best way to advocate for more equal representation in art.

In this spirit, 1xRUN is thrilled to announce the 2020 International Women’s Day collection! Throughout the entire month of March, 1xRUN is collaborating with 15 of the world’s leading artists to curate a vibrant collection of limited-edition artwork, coinciding with Women’s Day and the global feminist movement. Through this collection, we hope to curb the industry towards greater equality, visibility, and justice for women.

Participating 2020 1xRUN International Women’s Day Artists Include:

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