1xRUN Featured Artist Doze Green at POW!WOW! Hawaii 2015


To say that Doze Green had a few hurdles to leap while painting in Oahu for POW!WOW! 2015 would be an insane oversight. First and foremost the wall stands at over 60 feet long and over 20 feet tall. One man on a Skyjack lift with 4 days and a mess of paint to gather his wits and knock out a piece Hawaii will never forget.

PowWowHawaii_CMD_Fri & Sat_28doze-green_6

Parking violations, an angry business owner and a few nights of rain were just a handful setbacks for the O.G. that’s now spawned a painting career spanning over 30 years.  Not to mention once every writer, painter & artist old and new alike heard Doze was in town, they jumped at the opportunity to meet him and maybe catch a few stories.

PowWowHawaii_CMD_Day02-4_29doze-green_5  doze-green-3

Amongst all the bullshit that artists still face when they paint a legal wall, Mr. Green stood up and knocked it out down to the last hour before he jumped on a plane back to California.  With the help from some of the Gods he painted perhaps. It’s a wall we hope at 1xRUN that POW!WOW! and the owner will not be painting over any time soon. Some walls are just meant to stay up and I firmly believe this one will stand the test of time.


Stay tuned in the next few weeks for a full length video shot by Mike Popso & Colin Day featuring a book of knowledge from Doze Green, Slick and many other artists commenting on the old days and where the movement of public art is heading.


Words by Mr. Popso

Photos by Pietro Truba, Mike Popso & Colin Day