1xRUN Presents Time: A Group Art Exhibition


greg-cummins-making-time-naturel-deep-sea-divas-14x20-1xrun-blog-heroDeep Sea Diva by Naturel


Celestial by Jay West


The Persistence of 7:30 by Christophe Roberts


Childhood Soundtrack by M. Tony Peralta


Ozymandias by David Barnett


Time Flies by Fil Fury


The Hand of Time II by Brian Kirhagis


Monopoly Man by Bradley Theodore

1xRUN and Wallplay gallery, in association with the Millenial Group and curator Greg Cummins, are pleased to announce the group exhibition TIME. The “TIME” installation is comprised of works from 15 contemporary artists of varying technique who explore the concept through several mediums. After considering the vast subject, artists including David Barnett, Bradley Theodore, Lawrence “Naturel” Atoigue, Brian Kirhagis and Jay West each conceived original pieces that will be unveiled at Wallplay in the heart of Manhattan’s Lower East Side on Wednesday, October 22nd.

Simultaneously, 1xRUN.com will offer a virtual exhibition and access to limited edition print versions of select originals. “What’s special about this exhibition is that it’s a conclave of this vanguard movement of creators, some of whom are just beginning to make their mark” says Cummins, who also likens the experience to the role of Agent Phil Coulson assembling the Avengers. “It’s an opportunity to view, and maybe own a piece of, a rare moment of shared focus.”

The exhibition opens at noon on Wednesday. The physical installation will conclude the next evening, with the virtual presentation running while prints last. Collectors, media, and art enthusiasts alike are encouraged to view this unique display.

For more information, contact:
Greg Cummins:  [email protected]
Josh Seidman: [email protected]