1xRun x POW!WOW! Featured Artist David Flores


David Flores is an illustrator/artist from California. He’s most known for his skateboard graphics & snowboard design in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. Since those days are behind us all he’s moved on to larger and public “stained glass” style portraits. A style that is as recognizable as the work from his 1xRUN x POW!WOW! subject Frida.

PowWow-Flores PowWowHawaii_15&16th_CMD_18

Flores has branded himself in a way that Frida herself and the artists he depicts have done in their heyday. You immediately recognize the work right after you see it. David wisely chooses his color pallet to compliment the artists features in his long product line stretching from t shirts to record sleeves.


Most Recently Flores has been busy solidifying Himself as one of the Worlds top muralists with large scale paintings of his imagery in the Streets Of Los Angeles, with plans to further demonstrate mural efforts internationally as well.


Frida Kahlo is easily the most known female artist of all time.  Her face flashes into your brain as soon as you see her work or even hear her name.  So when you purchase this print you will have two stories to share, one of Frida herself and her infamous unibrow and the other is that of David Flores, stained glass style master. Head over to our Runs page and grab a few before the release is over next week.




Words and Photos by Mike Popso