20 Artists to Watch Out for in 2020

As 1xRUN is uniquely positioned at the frontier of the new contemporary art movement, we see so many exciting artists who are pushing the envelope in 2020. Artists are experimenting with new styles, compositions, materials, and media that we’ve never seen before, and that we can’t wait to share with you.

This year, keep an eye out for Sonny Sundancer, Dina Saadi, Moritz Green, Beastman, Sheefy McFlyKelly Golden and more as artists to watch in 2020.

20. Sonny 

19. El Cappy


18. Jeff Gillette

17. Sheefy

16. Mab Graves


15. UFO 907


14. Mike Giant


13. Brandon Boyd


12. Dina Saadi

11. Caroline Caldwell


10. Kelly Golden


09. Moritz Green


08. Mr. Penfold


07. James Lewis


06. Beastman


05. Eddie Colla


04. Ron English


03. Naturel


02. Niagara


01. Mad Stencils

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