5 Enlightening Quotes From Cryptik’s Mass Appeal Interview

Cryptik recently caught up with Mass Appeal in a great interview aptly titled Spirituality In Paint: Cryptik On Scope Miami Beach and the Art of Sacred Science. The Los Angeles calligrapher and muralist gives some great insight into his latest body of work, which is currently on view with Inner State Gallery at this weekend’s Scope Art Fair. (See the full preview of Cryptik’s latest works at Inner State Gallery here.) Always humble, Cryptik discussed his thoughts on staying focused during the always hectic Art Basel scene, creating his meditative Mantradalas and more. Read on for 5 of our favorite quotes and be sure to check out the full interview over at Mass Appeal…

ISG_Scope_Miami_2015_install - 2

5. Discussing his work ethic:
“Each piece has really become a meditation in itself, and I’m constantly challenging myself and growing slowly with each new painting.”

4. His philosophy on art:
“I would have to say that my philosophy on art is much like that of Tibetan Thangka painters, where the power lies in the art, not the artist. The artist merely serves as a vessel in the creation of the Sacred works, which is how I’ve always felt.”

ISG_Scope_Miami_2015_install - 5


3. Discussing his artwork and ego:
“I would prefer to let the art speak for itself, without the need to attach a personality to it. Because my work can be viewed as ‘spiritual’ in nature, it would defeat the whole purpose if I were to let my ego run wild.”

2. On “enlightenment” :
“For me, it’s been a continual process of learning from my mistakes and trying to be a better human being each day, so I’m far from being “enlightened.”’


1. On creating artwork:
“Creating art is my way of making the invisible visible. Words don’t exist to describe the worlds that exist in our own minds. But art, music, and math seem to come closest to describing the ineffable nature of God.