An afternoon at the 1xRUN office

We really do love where we work. You can’t get much more appropriate than inside an art gallery!

Here’s a smattering of employee cameos, process shots, and a look around the place.

tatiana in the gallery

Notice the original “Leopard” by Tatiana Suarez hanging up.





... hookers






Rep the D


We always have a shipment of tubes at the front door for our mail dude to grab.


In the back hallway, this GIANT Camilo painting has been sitting around for weeks!


Craig is watching "Weeds" while he packs up the prints. Yay Netflix!


A new stack of Denial pieces for a random drop! (check that color)


A stack of AVONE prints, ready to be rolled into tubes.


In the office: Dennis


Rob working on re-imaging a Mac Pro tower.


Meanwhile... Rob's installing OS X Lion


Dennis (L), Rob (R) - Jesse caught us mid-convo.


The train station in Detroit (long since shut down).


Luke Chueh above a currently vacant station. Mostly used as a resting area for our junk, as you can see.


Well, we hope that gives everyone a bit of insight into the 1xRUN operations. We didn’t sneak photos of the entire team, but as you can see, we’re just some average folks who love art. We’re an amalgamation of designers, skaters, DJs, and plenty in between!


Everyone @ 1xRUN