Announcing The 5th Annual 1xRUN x POW! WOW! Hawaii Print Suite

Alongside our friends at POW! WOW! we are excited to announce the 5th Annual 1xRUN x POW! WOW! Hawaii Print Suite featuring the 2017 roster for POW! WOW! Hawaii! We will be kicking things off on February 8th and releases will run until February 23rd! 1xRUN will also be back at Lana Lane for the 5th Annual 1xRUN x POW! WOW! Print Exhibition which will run from the 14th through 18th. Be sure to stop by and see us if you’re out in Honolulu and if you can’t make it be sure to snag your favorites while you still can. Read on for the entire 2017 1xRUN x POW! WOW! Print Suite!


We’ll kick things off with three of the leaders that the POW! WOW! world go around! February 8th Founder & Lead Director Jasper Wong who drops his latest letter press series. Wong is also joined by POW! WOW! Operations Director Jeff Gress who returns with his latest screen print.

February 9th we welcome in POW! WOW! Co-Lead Director Kamea Hadar who joins alongside fellow Hawaiian artist Defer as the duo present a new collaborative release as well as stunning solo editions.  Get there early and snag a 3 print set to display all 3 of these beauts next to each other.

February 10th we welcome in British artist Mr. Jago who returns to Honolulu for his second POW! WOW!, as well as Detroit’s own Ouizi, who brings her signature floral to Honolulu for the first time.

February 11th fellow Detroiter Michelle Tanguay drops her latest edition for her first trip to Honolulu alongside POW! WOW! veteran Cinta Vidal.

February 12th Tavar Zawacki aka Above returns with the latest in his Pulse series alongside Honolulu’s own Wooden Wave.

February 13th Drew Merritt makes his 1xRUN debut coinciding with his first official trip out for POW! WOW! Hawaii, he’s joined by Hawaiian heavy hitter Woes Martin who brings us his latest musical homage.

February 14th Tara McPherson helps us usher in Valentines Day alongside French artist OakOak as both artists bring new standard and hand-embellished prints out for their first trip out for POW! WOW! Hawaii.
February 15th Dan Witz joins us for his first release with us alongside longtime 1xRUN alum Joram Roukes as both artists head out for their first POW! WOW! Hawaii.
February 16th we welcome in duo Telmo Miel as they bring us two new releases dropping alongside of globetrotting tastemaker Careaux.
February 17th Miami artist Evoca joins local Hawaiian artist Kaplan Bunce as both artists bust out their debut releases.
February 18th we welcome in The Draculas as the duo of Jeff McMillan and Gary Musgrave each drop new editions.
February 19th duo Pichiavo brings us their first hand-painted screen prints and we welcome back our Hawaiian tour guide Prime with his latest print edition in his line of Hawaiian storytelling prints.
February 20th New York legend Kevin Lyons returns with his latest gradient screen prints releasing alongside Hawaiian mainstay Ckaweeks who joins us his third release.
February 21st Hawaii’s own take over as Slick drops his first variant in his Aloha series which will be dropping daily, and we welcome in prolific Hawaiian artist Katch for his debut RUN.
February 22nd British artist Shok-1 returns with new hand-painted multiples dropping alongside local Hawaiian Cory Whomu while Slick returns with his second in his Aloha series.
February 23rd we wrap things up as Maya Hayuk joins us for her latest hand-pulled screen prints alongside a special release from Glazed Paradise and the final release in Slick‘s Aloha series.
Releasing Daily at 3pm EST on
Weds Feb. 8th
Jasper Wong / Jeff Gress
Thursday Feb. 9th 
Kamea Hadar / Defer
Friday Feb 10th
Mr. Jago / Ouizi
Saturday Feb 11th 
Cinta Vidal / Michelle Tanguay
Sunday Feb 12th 
Tavar Zawacki aka Above / Wooden Wave
Monday Feb. 13th
Drew Merritt / Woes Martin
Tuesday Feb. 14th
Tara McPherson / OakOak
Wednesday Feb. 15th
Dan Witz / Joram Roukes
Thursday Feb. 16th 
Careaux  / Telmo Miel
Friday Feb. 17th
Evoca / Kaplan Bunce
Saturday Feb. 18th 
Gary Musgrave & Jeff McMillan are The Draculas
Sunday Feb. 19th 
Pichiavo / Kai’ili Kaulukukui / Prime
Monday Feb. 20th 
Kevin Lyons / Ckaweeks
Tuesday, Feb 21st 
Slick Variant I  / Katch
Wednesday Feb. 22nd
Slick Variant II / Shok-1 / Cory Whomu
Thursday Feb. 23rd
Slick Variant III / Maya Hayuk / Glazed Paradise