A’Shop Takes Over The Container Yard

This last weekend, The Container Yard played host to the second Lennox Art Project called Degrees of Perfect by the A’shop Crew featuring 1xRUN alumni, Slick & 123Klan along with Bacon, DoDo & Zek. The project took on a new realm of painting with thermo-active medium. Check out the video and read the interview with A’Shop President, Fluke.

1xRUN: Are there additional projects in the works?
Fluke: We are always working on projects. We currently have 13 projects we are
working on with clients ranging from public art projects with city of Montreal to the
large retail locations who need some interior murals.

1xRUN: How did the concept come about?
Fluke: We worked on a #lennoxartproject last year. We created two murals that were
transformed into animations using digital projection. It was for a TV and print
campaign that GSD&M and Elastic.tv created for Lennox. The project was
amazing. It was our first time in L.A. and it’s also where we met the good people
at The Container Yard. We maintained contact with Kyle for GSD&M, and he
really believed in what we were doing. He wanted us to work on a 2016
#lennoxartproject, but we really wanted to create something unique for them. We
needed an idea that merged the engineering expertise of Lennox and our mural
art skills. One day we got a eureka moment. Thermochromic paint is affected by
temperature changes, and yet had never been used to create a fine arts
masterpiece. The fit was perfect.

1xRUN: Why were each of these artists chosen?
Fluke: Zek One and Dodo Ose are top dogs here at Ashop. Bacon is a good friend of
ours from Toronto, and we have been wanting to work with him for a long time.
He is definitely one of the best in Canada, and we feel he makes a great
expansion to the crew. 123 Klan are also good friends and are located here in
Montreal and we have been waiting to work with for a long time. They have the
skills needed to take on a challenge of this caliber. Slick is a veteran of the LA
scene and also close with 123 Klan. We reached out to him in order to create a
bridge between Montreal and Los Angeles, where the show was happening. It
was logical to reach out to some LA locals if we were gonna be painting on their
stomping grounds.

1xRUN: What else is next for you?
Fluke: We are always trying to push the boundaries. We are very interested in the
relationship that art has with technology. Everytime a new technology arises, art
evolves. Whether it’s music, dance, movies or visual art, new aesthetics are very
influenced by innovation. Just look at graffiti art. Without the invention of the
spraycan, this movement would have never happened. Sure, we might be writing
our names with paint rollers or big brushes, but it would just not be the same.
We are a very technical bunch, we like to stock up on gear and have an arsenal
of gadgets at our disposal. We have some crazy ideas in the bag, but we can’t
spill the beans just yet. Once the perfect match is ready for us, we will set the
gears in motion.

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