Askew One Returns To Detroit With His Latest Solo Exhibition Post-Colonial Opening June 24th

Prolific New Zealand graffiti writer Askew One returns to Detroit with his latest solo exhibition Post-Colonial opening June 24th at Detroit’s Inner State Gallery. Featuring a mix of visual influences of the Pacific Rim, Askew One’s latest works reflect on how colonialism has shaped New Zealand throughout the years, and tells a unique story through powerful portraits of the people, and the faces of this diverse community. Check out Post-Colonial by Askew One here.

“There is no doubt that we live in a post-colonial world. In New Zealand this has shaped the reality of roughly the past 200 years. It is impossible to have a discussion around any aspect of life within our region without acknowledging that colonialism is what has driven and stirred the Pacific diaspora. From occupation to settlement, religious influences, wars and their impacts on cultural identity and autonomy, all of this factors into this history,” Askew One said from his studio in Auckland, New Zealand.

Over the past five years, Askew One studio and mural work has focused on the complex ancestry of the people around him, creating a means of education, appreciation and empathy of the lives lived not so long ago by this unique cross section of people.


Lavinia – 2016 + Elsie – 2016 by Askew One – Click Here To Purchase

“To dig back only a few generations, there are so many stories of struggle and great adversity, but also stories of hope, resilience and determination. I am fascinated with how the ocean connects many historic and cultural narratives, most specifically in a post-colonial context. The people I paint are a reflection of these stories,” Askew One adds.


Zuanci – 2016 + Maddison – 2016 by Askew One – Click Here To Purchase

A visionary storyteller, Askew has garnered worldwide attention with his large scale public murals over the last twelve years. Returning to Detroit for the first time since taking part in 2015’s Murals In The Market, Askew has solidified himself as a trendsetter of the contemporary art world. Known for his massive portraits, his work can be seen in cities all over the world including Perth, Dubai, Miami, Los Angeles, Arkansas, Berlin, Sydney, Glasgow and beyond. Blurring the line between his unique styles this exhibition will feature many of the images that live in the public spaces across the globe.


Askew One In New Zealand

This event will be free and open to the public. Opening artist reception will be from 7-10pm on Friday June 24th. You can also view Askew One’s Post-Colonial on 1xRUN by clicking here.