Bicycle Day 2018 Featuring Brandon Boyd, The Family Acid, Mike Giant, Leni Sinclair, Ben Frost + More…

To help us ring in the 75th Anniversary of Bicycle Day we are excited to announce over a dozen new blotter releases from 1xRUN favorites Ben Frost, Brandon Boyd, Denial, Glenn Barr, Leni Sinclair, Luke Chueh, Mike Giant, Niagara, Ricky Powell, Tavar Zawacki aka Above as well as welcome in photographer Roger Steffens/The Family Acid who joins us for his debut RUN featuring 4 iconic images throughout his storied career, including a shot of infamous Merry Prankster and LSD icon Ken Kesey! To help us bring it all together once again we’ve partnered up with Ken’s son, Zane Kesey out in Oregon to help with all the printing for this year’s print releases. Read on to check out more than a dozen from this year’s Bicycle Day Print Suite. . .


Joining us for his first release (appropriately enough) is prolific counterculture photographer Roger Steffens. Over the past several years Roger’s daughter Kate has worked to digitize and archive his massive archives, showcasing gems from Roger’s slide photography on @TheFamilyAcid on Instagram. Be sure to give them a follow and stay tuned for the stories behind Steffen’s signature photos…

After kicking off the series on his own last year we’re excited to welcome back none other than our good friend Mike Giant who returns with three new blotter sheets featuring his signature style and iconography in alternating checkerboard patterning.

Ben Frost joins us with a mix of new and old, featuring his Warhol-style variants with his Wallflower variant, as well as some past favorites of WWIII… and Employee Of The Month both remixed for these unique blotter sheets.

Brandon Boyd returns with 4 kaleidoscopic remixes of some of his classic works, with his signature style flipped, turned, mirrored and hypnotizingly intertwined remixes of Baelyn As A Conduit, Five Modes Of Transport, Paige In Blue and Two Muses!

Denial brings us one of his signature collage pieces, tearing, blending and remixing his iconography in this blotter variant of LSD Face.  Revisiting one of his classic blotter sheets, Glenn Barr  brings us two new editions, remixing his past Mr. Natural iconography alongside his Herald Of Z.

Legendary Detroit photographer Leni Sinclair has dug through her expansive archives for this gem of the Grateful Dead, back in Ann Arbor 1967, along with shots of John Lennon, John Coltrane and Jimi Hendrix.

Bringing along two of his LSD-laced favorites is  Luke Chueh who’s melty Pink Eyes and Hoodie are sure to be fan favorites.

Digging through the expansive archives of Niagara we’re excited to bring in four new editions featuring her signature op-art style in two variants, as well as a long lost (and a more recent) installment in her ever-evolving Opium series.

Rounding things out, we’ve got Ricky Powell’s iconic Beastie Boys shot, snapped on Charles Street, flipped and reflected to mimic one of Powell’s signature reflective puddle shots that he’s always had a penchant for. Last but not least, prolific street artist Tavar Zawacki aka Above returns with three new editions featuring his iconic Above arrow chessboard style, as well as his tripping Acid Pulse and latest works in his Metamorphosis series.

Full details and releases right here, with all prints going on sale Thursday, April 19th at 12pm EST!