Video: BOOOOOOOM! Presents POW! WOW! Hawaii’s Heavy Dreamers

Each year POW!WOW! Hawaii gathers the world’s leading contemporary artists on Oahu to bless the walls of Kaka’ako. This past year, our friend Jeff Hamada of BOOOOOOOM! teamed up with WeTransfer to dive deep into the minds of participating artists of 2015 with the short documentary Heavy Dreamers. We caught up with Hamada to discuss how they went about putting the video together.

“The whole thing was very organic, we went in knowing we wanted to ask people about their motivation to create work. Artists are all coming from different places – literally of course, but we wanted to focus on the mental part – are they the type that is excited by making work in public? Or are they freaked out by having to perform in front of people? We wanted the piece to be really honest, cutting out as much of the cookie-cutter type answers as we could. I think we were able to do that!” Hamada said.

Along with director David Ehrenreich and cinematographer Liam Mitchell the team paints a wonderful picture of the chaotic and beautiful two weeks that is POW!WOW! Hawaii. Artists featured in the video include 1xRUN alums Tatiana Suarez, Kevin Lyons, Smithe, Case MacLaim, Klone, James Jean and NoseGo, as well as Hot Tea, Lauren Ys and musician JPatt of The Knocks.