Buckshot & 1xRUN Team Up On Collaborative Print Series Featuring Graffiti Legends Seen, Risk, Ces & Bates

1xRUN has teamed up with alumni Risk and his trendsetting Buckshot Gallery to bring new high quality editions to 1xRUN collector’s around the world! Kicking things off we’ve 5 editions featuring new work from graffiti legends Risk, Ces, Bates and Seen. Check out all 5 releases here or at the links below, and be sure to snag yours before they are gone! We caught up with the man behind Buckshot, none other than the legendary Kelly “Risk” Graval, to talk about 3 of his favorite iconic graffiti artists that help us kick off the Buckshot x 1xRUN print series, read on for more after the jump…

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One of Los Angeles’ hottest new additions to the art scene, Buckshot Gallery was founded by Risk, along with Kevin Zinger and Ivory Daniel from Regime Management. The gallery features a mixture of urban and fine art, and has exhibited work from over forty iconic graffiti writers and artists from all over the world in the form of mixed media works, prints, photographs and books.

risk-holding-02Risk-oleum Can by Risk – Click To Purchase

1x: Tell us a bit about Buckshot prints and how it got it start. What was your first print?
Risk:  Buckshot prints got started when I built a new studio at the compound. We had the old studio building so we decide to build out a state of the art print studio. Shortly after that a lot of my friends started coming through to print. We decided to offer the prints on line and it started growing and became a business.

My first print was an etching I pressed in about 1989. I messed with some offset printing and block printing as well. I was very familiar with screen printing from the early Third Rail days so fine art printing was a natural progression.

risky-detailsRisk-oleum Can by Risk – Click To Purchase

1x: Tell us a little bit about this series from yourself, Ces, Bates and Seen, anything immediate you would like us to highlight about these prints as part of the first Buckshot x 1xRUN collaborative series?
Risk:   These were all prints that came about by us hanging in the print shop and just making prints  to make the prints. We had no agenda. When I was in Hawaii, I was talking with you guys and the possibility of collaborating came up so, after talking to the guys we decided to hold off on these editions and launch with you guys.

1x: What are some of your favorite aspects of each artists work and how long have you been working with each artist?
Risk: I particularly love these prints because the were all made by people I have a lot of respect for first and foremost as Graffiti Writers. Ces is master technician of incorporating anything imaginable into his graffiti or surroundings.

ces-holdingshotsMorning Wood + Wishing by Ces – Click To Purchase – Available In 2 Print Sets

Bates is a master of multiple styles and letter forms. Seen is an originator of an infinite amount of graffiti basics as we know them today. A true master of style and technique.

bates-the-next-generation-21x22-1xrun-01aThe Next Generation by Bates – Click To Purchasebates-details

seen-untitled-1xrun-01Untitled by Seen – Click To Purchase


1x: What has been going down with Buckshot this year, bring us up to speed on how things have been going?     
Risk:  Things have been crazy! Beyond the basic build out of the studio and print business we have opened a gallery. We actually just closed the old gallery and are almost done with construction of our new gallery located in the Historic Mayfair Hotel downtown. We are also curtaining the hotel with many of the buckshot artists having their own themed floors in the new construction of the hotel.

And last but not least we have about 20 or so prints slated to launch with 1xRUN. These works represent some of our most popular images for hardcore fans and collectors. To say the least, I’m extremely excited for this new collaboration.

buckshot-1xrunClick To Shop The Entire Buckshot x 1xRUN Print Series

1x: What else is on the horizon for Buckshot?
Risk:  We are focusing on unique prints and box sets. We are looking forward on knocking out some next level series. With you guys doing the distribution we are able to put all our efforts in making the prints themselves.

1xRUN: Where else can people find out more about Buckshot ?
Risk:  WebsiteTwitter & Instagram @buckshotgallery – Facebook @BuckshotPrints –