Interviews: Detroit Photographer Sal Rodriguez

1xRun photographer and writer, Mike Popso recently caught up with Detroit photographer and beard expert Sal Rodriguez. Read on for a quick look through Rodriguez’s expansive portfolio and a brief interview detailing his blossoming career as a Detroit photography staple.


1xRun: How long have you been shooting for?
Sal Rodriguez:
I have been shooting since my first photography classes back in high school.


1xRun: How’d you get started?
Sal Rodriguez:
 Honestly back in high school my art teacher did not want to pass me into the following years art class, so I took a B in art and stepped into photo class.

1xRun: What is your camera of choice? Why?
Sal Rodriguez:
This is like asking which kid is your favorite….but right now I would have to say my Fuji X-T1 is my go to camera. I love it because its compact and the image quality rivals most DSLR camera’s.

1xRun: What is something every good photographer from Detroit doesn’t leave home without?
Sal Rodriguez:
A pry bar.


1xRun: What has been your favorite concert that you have shot & why?
Sal Rodriguez:
I would have to say Metallica at OrionFest because…well it’s Metallica…and I was one of the few who got to shoot and witness them play the entire “Kill ’em All” album from start to finish on a very tiny stage.

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1xRun: Who are your top three favorite photographers of all time?
Sal Rodriguez:
Not sure that I have favorites but I am a fan of Lewis Hines. Another guy would be George Silk who’s “Strip Photography” photos of the 1960 Olympic trials were just awesome and out of the box.

1xRun: Pick one point in time where you wish you could go back in time to photograph.
Sal Rodriguez:
I would say 1960’s through 70’s, because it seems things were so easily accessible from bands, celebrities you name it. Now you have to go through all kinds of hurdles and or know people.

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1xRun: One person you could eat dinner with then photograph?
Sal Rodriguez: 
In the famous words of The GZA….Bill mutha-fuckin Murray!


1xRun: What would you like to be remembered for the most?
Sal Rodriguez:
Sweet photography skills? I would like to think I am making my mark somehow someway as I continue to work, but that is not something that is really on my mind right now.

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1xRun: What are you working on now?
Sal Rodriguez:
Well I will be shooting the next Red Bull House of Art cycle on the 24th. I am gearing up for the Belle Isle Grand Prix and there is talk of being a part of shooting the How & Nosm mural here in Detroit as well as Shepard Fairey’s Printed Matter show in part with Library Street Collective and Bedrock.

1xRun: Where else can we see your work?
Sal Rodriguez:
You can see my work recently published in Dabs Myla’s new book “Midnight Fantasy” and in the May issue of Juxtapoz. Also, you can check out my website and follow me on Twitter @photo313 and Instagram @ELJEFE313


All photos courtesy of Sal Rodriguez.
Interview by 1xRUN Head Photographer Mike Popso