Diana Georgie on Refining Her Style and Taking No Bullshit

To celebrate 1xRUN’s International Women’s Day, muralist and model Diana Georgie introduces Stay Golden, a collection of limited edition prints and original artwork paying tribute to the “Golden Girls”.

Diana Georgie blends influences in Dutch still life mastery and text-based pop artists like Ed Ruscha and Wayne White, creating neon phrases over floral backdrops. For Georgie, her art is a portrait of a word. “Colors and shapes work with it, and bring it more to life.”

1xRUN: Tell us a little bit about this series, anything immediate you would like us to highlight about this imagery?
Diana Georgie:
This work is actually one of a kind, or you can say the first of a future series. I have always had a penchant for neon lights and wanted to see how I could incorporate that aesthetic to my usual style.

On the smaller pieces, I was looking up quotes for this project and there were so many hyper feminist type quotes like ‘anything a man can do I can do better…’ and I don’t really vibe with that. But then I watched The Golden Girls and voilá! Some of these quotes are really sassy to be honest. ‘Eat dirt and die, trash.”

1x: Tell us about your execution of this imagery. What materials were used, how much time did it take, etc?
This was created on a 24” x 24” wooden panel using acrylic paint. Something of this size usually takes me anywhere from 10 to 14 days on average, give or take a few, depending on the level of detail.

1x: What were your earliest interactions with art growing up?
When I was four or five years old, my mom put on classical music for me and told me to draw how it would make me feel. I remember I always loved doing that, and my enthusiasm definitely showed. She started introducing me to the world of art through books ,and later took me to museums.

1x: Who was a prominent figure that played a role in your formation as an artist?
You can definitely credit my mom for that one. She planted that seed when I was so young and watered it over the years until I became old enough to avidly pursue art myself. I’m very thankful for that.

1x: What are some of the biggest challenges to being a working artist?
Finding stability I would think, at least at this stage early in my career. You have your brushes, your paints, and all your hopes and dreams. You do your part, but there are so many elements that play a key role into where your next work will go, and what will come next.

1x: In what ways is the art industry becoming more (or less) accepting and equitable for women?
When I first started pursuing art more seriously years ago, I honestly had some horrible interactions. Certain prominent male figures within the industry proposed indecent offers and made inappropriate comments to me. It saddened me and almost deterred me from wanting to pursue my dreams. But I also met others who encouraged and motivated me to rise above that fear and to take no bullshit from anyone, and that’s exactly what I did. I stuck by my own principals and took the longer route, and I’m damn thankful I did. I do think these sorts of experiences tend to be all too common for women, being objectified, and sex being used as a path to reach the next opportunity.

1x: What are changes that you would like to see?
Balance. I’m not saying for it to become dogmatic or religious, but definitely more balance on the scales.

1x: What does a balanced art industry look like to you?
Diana Georgie:
The same opportunities to be given to people of any gender, ethnicity, or walk of life. The works are the stories and the artists are the storytellers, and those stories deserve to be heard.

1x: What artists inspired you in the past? Who are some woman-identifying artists that inspire you today?
I remember being very young and seeing Artemisia Gentileschi’s Judith Beheading Holofernes and being taken back by it. I adore Dutch still lifes also, and seeing Rachel Ruysch’s works have always inspired me. One of my favorite current artists is Camille Rose Garcia. Huge fan of her work; it’s absolutely magical. I got to meet her a couple years ago and she’s a very lovely person in real life.

1x: What advice would you give to an aspiring artist?
Do your best work of what comes naturally. That will always be received best, I think, and more ideas will continue to come organically. Once you refine your own style, it will only grow from there.

1xRUN: Whese else can people find out more about you?
Diana Georgie:
Website – Instagram @dianageorgie – Twitter – @TheCarmenLips