Releases: Does Drops New Gold Print With Debut US Solo Exhibition

We welcome back Dutch artist Does as he returns with his latest release Confused, a flowing vibrant print on gold metal. In the United States for his first solo exhibition, Transition is also Does’ first solo exhibition since 2012’s show in Melbourne, Australia. Over the last 2 years he has participated in several group shows in the US, most recently taking part in Poesia’s latest incarnation of  A Major Minority at 1AM Gallery in San Francisco. Check out the latest video and more from the Dutch artist’s latest exhibition and print release…

“In this body of work I was able to let go more than I was before. For example, where I used to prepare a canvas by sketching, I now started a canvas without knowing the outcome in advance. Leaving the outcome to chance proved to be quite liberating. Additionally, the canvasses are bigger and I’ve used new materials which allowed me to create more liveliness. I particularly enjoyed using gold, silver, bronze leaf and paper,” Does said explaining some of the differences from his previous works.

To coincide, 1xRUN will be releasing Confused in celebration of Does’ latest exhibition.

Hosted by Maxwell Colette Gallery, Transition features recent mixed media paintings on canvas, including large scale work up to 18 feet in length. The exhibition presents a body of text-based paintings where words are visually imploded and reconstituted as aggregations of disarticulated, smoldering letterforms. These compositions seem to levitate in space, dripping and melting away at their edges into the painting’s etherial, minimalist backgrounds. Does portrays the forms with incredible accuracy and attention to detail; rendering them nearly hyper-realistic.

Progress canvas 'Rendez Vous'

Detail canvas 'Rendez Vous' 1

Detail canvas 'Confused' Gold

Detail canvas 'Confused' Brons

For more information follow Does @digitaldoes on Instagram + Facebook. You can also view Transition in person or online at Maxwell Collette Gallery and contact [email protected] for additional information.