Fifty24MX + 1xRUN Team Up For Cinco De Mayo Group Exhibition @ Inner State Gallery

Inner State Gallery and trendsetting Mexico City gallery Fifty24MX are proud to announce a group exhibition opening May 8th featuring 11 Mexican artists that are making an impact in the new contemporary art movement. In addition the exhibition will also bring two of Mexico City’s most prominent muralists to Detroit for a large scale mural campaign in Southwest Detroit kicking off on May 4th in celebration of Cinco De Mayo.


Though the two organizations have worked together extensively on projects throughout Mexico, this May they will adopt Southwest Detroit as the center point of a mural campaign featuring Detroit artist Freddy Diaz, as well as visiting artists Saner, Jesús Benitez and Marka27 in the heart of Detroit’s vibrant Mexican American community.


“After visiting Mexico City in 2013 we were inspired by the style and creativity coming out of the city and this younger generation of artists. When we returned to Detroit we wanted to find a way to unite Southwest Detroit’s community with these artists and felt these murals and exhibition celebrating Cinco de Mayo were a perfect fit,” gallery co-founder Jesse Cory said.


Opening May 8th, the group exhibition at Inner State Gallery will feature a vast collection of original artwork by Curiot, Saner, Smithe, Jesús Benitez, Ciler, Marina Magdaleno, Marka27, Freddy Diaz, Apolo Cacho, Marina Villanueva, Violeta Hernandez and AlonsoChivoGuzman focusing on the views and iconography of this emerging group of Mexican artists.